Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais, PMUC, in line with its social policy, has assisted a young female Cameroonian hip-hop singer, known by her artistic name Lady B, to produce her second album. The album titled ‘La Fille Béti` (The Beti Girl) which contains nine hits, was launched in Douala, recently.Speaking at a press conference where the album was launched, the Adviser to the General Manager of PMUC, Gerard Atangana, said it is always a pleasure for the company to help promote a Cameroonian youth in his or her endeavour.

Atangana said PMUC has assisted several youths or groups in the same domain. He promised that PMUC will continue to support Lady B, as long as she also continues to be serious in her profession. Introducing her new album, Lady B explained that she sings about love, but more especially the numerous problems which young women are confronted with in the society. She noted that in one of her tracks in the new album, La Pute`, she weeps for young women who have been pushed by certain unfortunate situations into prostitution. But she urges her fellow sisters to get out of the nasty business of selling their bodies. In the track, ‘La Maladie d`amour’, she launches a war song against the AIDS pandemic, and cautioned girls and young women in particular to watch out against the deadly disease.

Lady B, who is also called the Queen of African Hip Hop, explained that her mission in music is to exploit the opportunity to fight for the respect of the rights of the woman. The artist said she owes her success to PMUC for the support given her. Though the name Lady B might not be familiar to many Cameroonians, she gained fame in 2007 when she presented the TV spot of PMUC tilted, ‘Je Veux Win, Je Ne Veux Pas Loss`. While presenting the musical career of Lady B, her Manager, Dominique Boiche, noted that she has had a very promising and exciting career so far. She said Lady B started as a chorister and hip hop dancer in 2000.

But the great moments in her career started in 2005, when she emerged as a laureate in the hip-hop festival for budding talents in Cameroon, dubbed Dreams.It was also there that Madam Boiche, who was involved in the organisation, discovered Lady B.

Lady B’s involvement in African hip-hop, her manager said, has taken her to several African countries where she participated in a number of hip-hop festivals and won prizes.
The first album of Lady B titled ‘Ma Colere`, which was produced by ‘K` Entertainment, was released in 2006.